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The Chairinator

Rishika B.


With my very own creativity, I have discovered a solution to most of our real-world-problems. I call it the Chairinator! Have you ever felt lazy [don’t lie cause I know you have ;)]? Well this idea of mine will blow your head off your body [no seriously]! So this invention of mine is very awesome due to the fact that it actually floats in the air! It is a floating chair! Now you will never have to get up and go anywhere else [oh yeah, and I also forgot to mention the fact that I chose the name for a reason – Chairinator! Get it!?]! So um yeah. It works by you! You have to fart really hard to move it! No I’m just kidding! Ok now I will tell you how this actually works. Press a button that has a sign that shows a robot and arrow keys will pop up! From there you can control it to where ever you want to go! Say you were to go to Hawaii then you would have to press a button and put it on autopilot mode witch will able to get you to Hawaii even faster than an a airplane! Just think about it you could go anywhere you want and you wouldn’t have to go to the airport and wait in the long lines! But the price is 10000 and up it depends the style of the chair you get! That is how the Chairinator works. Now I will tell you about a lazy boy that used the Chairinator. Once there was a boy that felt lazy. One day his mother said “son can you go to the grocery and pick up some things for me.” The little boy said ok. The mom said you can take the ChAIRinator and the boy said ok. So he went and the boy took the ChAIRinator. When he got there