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The Clone Drone

Alexander M.


When I visited Tomorrowland, I met a guy named Tom. One day, me and Tom were walking down the street, when I saw a drone zoom over our heads. It had a holographic face. I asked Tom what it was, and he told me his story. When Tom was in his final year of high school, he got diagnosed with a disease. It got so bad, that he was confined to a bed. He went in and out of treatments, surgeries, and couldn't be near anyone. A week after he was diagnosed, the doctor came in with what he called the "Clone Drone". The drone was controlled by a helmet, and control panel. The helmet put a holographic image of his face on the drone. The Panel had a gyro sphere, and steering rods for movement. The helmet projected whatever the drone saw into Toms eyes. Tom, with the drone, could go anywhere he wanted. He could be a normal kid again. He could visit friends, go to school, and not be confined to a bed. Almost a year, Tom was in the hospital, but he still passed school, and got scholarships to the college he wanted. The drone made it possible for him to be in two places at once. The drone got energy from wireless Chargers that had charging radius's of over 100 miles. It was also packed with high speed cameras, so it couldn't be get hit with projectiles. With this drone no kid is left alone.