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The Closet From the Future

Ranya F.


I'm here reporting to you from Tomorrowland. Tomorrowland is full of amazing things, but my favorite is the The Closet 2.0. This closet isn't just your average closet. It does your laundry, folds the clothes, and gives them to you when you need them! First, you put your clothes in the laundry chute. The closet will clean your clothes, dry them, and fold them. It stores your clothes for you, and when you wake up in the morning simply choose your outfit on the touch pad! Just swipe the screen to choose your outfit and accessories.Your clothes will be delivered straight to you from a drawer next to the touch pad. The Closet 2.0 looks like a flat wall with a laundry chute and a touch pad, so you can put it in any room and it would blend in well. The laundry chute is covered by a flap so it blends in even better. All you would need to do is make it the color of the room! This new way of storing your clothes is useful because it saves time from doing laundry, and all of effort and money it takes to organize your closet! This is an extremely useful invention, and we have everything we need to make it happen, so why not get started?