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The Creation of PRELB 3

Azeeza H.


While many from the human race dwelled on planet earth, many people sought residence beyond the big blue marble. On my endeavor to that future decades, it was then when I discovered PRELB 3.
Building a lunar base via 3D Printing had produced results of cost efficiency and feasibility that made it a necessity in the future. The 3D Printed Regolith Establishing a Lunar Base, commonly known in the future as the PRELB 3, was a project that commenced in the year 2024 with the principle mission of mining for ice crystals. The inhabitants eventually told me that this project took off into the creation of PRELB 3 as a self-sustaining, permanent, human base.
With a rapid prototyping lab included in PRELB 3's infrastructure, there was organic material available to 3D print food to sustain residents of PRELB 3. It was truly a beneficial way to cycle sustenance with the increased advancement of 3D printing technology, virtually able to print anything. The regolith material, or lunar soil, from which the base was printed, was used to create a direct energy power transfer system with power that was quite self-sufficient that was used to keep the 3D printers functioning perpetually so that PRELB 3 could remain a home to all.
My visit to the future and my discovery of PRELB 3 has allowed me to see what kind of world we will be living in in the future – or, if we will be living in the same world at all.