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The Cure for Global warming and cancer

Ryan K.


Write now I am in the future. People fixed the problem of global warming caused by Carbon Dioxide. A tree absorbs what humans breath out called Carbon Dioxide. It lets out oxygen. After millions of years that tree becomes rotten and is called coal. People use coal for many things. They burn the coal. Then it releases The carbon dioxide. It causes global warming and cancer. My invention Is a tree that absorbs carbon dioxide. It is connected to a tube leading near the end of earths crust. It will be hard work but it will solve a big problem. It will have to be put near all factories that burn coal. There could all be one tube connecting to earths crust but leading up to other trees. Once it is built, People will be cured of cancer and the air will be nice and fresh. In antarctica where there is global warming, there will be more. I really now this will work and I will be happy to do anything to help solve these threatening sources causing animals and people to die. Read over it and enjoy!