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The Dent-A-Chew

Andante B.


Don’t you hate paying huge amounts of money for dentists? Well, in the future I learned this isn't a problem. Dent- A-Chew is a gum that acts like a dentist. The Dent-A-Chew has many features that help your teeth, it can clean them like new, fill cavities by breaking apart and sensing if something is wrong and can even identify gum diseases.
It can clean your teeth better than a toothbrush, by attaching to particles in and on your teeth that will stick to the gum. The food particles and dirt in your teeth will sink down into the center of the gum so the gum can still feel like normal gum, letting you continue your chewing experience. Once the dirt or anything you don’t want in your teeth goes into the gum you can spit it out.
This gum also helps with cavities. The gum will break apart when it finds cavities then fills it up. After a long time the Dent-A-Chew that is in your cavities will dry up and you will no longer have holes in your teeth.
Dent-A-Chew is also connected to a computer with a screen that you can see. If the Dent-A-Chew stumbles upon something abnormal, like a gum disease, it will explain the problem and the next steps that need to be taken.
In the not so distant future, instead of visiting a dentist you can use the Dent-A-Chew! A Dent-A-Chew a day keeps the dentist away!