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The DiseaseFinder

Christopher S.


People of 2015, you now have something to look forward to. I've been to the future and in just a few short years, nobody will have to worry about contracting infectious diseases because of the DiseaseFinder: the newest and coolest innovation of tomorrow! It is considered the biggest breakthrough in medical science because of its 100% success rate! The DiseaseFinder is a team of nanobots that swim in your bloodstream and detect even a single cell of infectious disease that might invade your body. If an invasive cell is located, such as from Ebola, tuberculosis or rabies, the DiseaseFinder immediately sends alerts to your smart phone, telling you what disease you have and what to do. It summons T-cells and white blood cells to the area to give extra support and also alerts your physician and calls 911 so you can be immediately treated. Catching infectious diseases at this earliest of stages is what makes DiseaseFinder so successful!

Modified versions of the DiseaseFinder come with onboard antibiotics that are programmed to rush to exterior wounds to start spraying medication from inside the body to keep all infections out. The DiseaseFinder is a real possibility in our lifetime especially if all our engineers perfect miniaturizing nanobots in time. In the future, where our population is exploding and human contact is very high, at least the risk of infectious diseases will be very very low! I'm so impressed with the DiseaseFinder invention and can't wait to have it be part of my life-how about you!!!