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The Distress Watch

Jarrett D.


Everyone in the future is in extremely good health. The reason behind this is the Distress Watch. Once you reach a certain age you can get surgery inserting the system into your body. Wires are connected to the major parts of the nervous system, like the brain and spinal cord. They all lead to a watch you wear on your wrist. When a certain part of your body is in distress it causes your watch to blink, vibrate, or beep. The watch will then display the ailment to your body and how to cure it. For example, if someone were stressed, their body emits hormones that causes their heart to race. This would be picked up by the sensors and the watch would warn you to take it easy, because stress is unhealthy.
Using this system people avoid any unhealthy conditions in everyday life when alerted by the Distress Watch. The watch itself is made of stainless steel, plastic, and is covered by Cuben Fiber, which is lightweight, tough, and waterproof. The watch is connected to wires in the body which conduct electrical currents and sense unusual changes throughout the body. The wires are made of mix of copper and rubber, with just enough rubber to insulate in case of contact with water. Additionally, the Distress Watch can send a signal to authorities manually or automatically if something fatal is detected and ignored for 10 minutes or more.