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The Doing Machine



Have you ever tried to braid your hair? Does it take you an hour to do your hair in the morning? Do you just wear your hair down because you can`t do anything to your hair? Did you give up on trying to do your hair because it was too hard? If you gave up listen to this. Introducing the Hair Doing Machine.
The Hair Doing Machine helps someone who struggles doing their hair with a push of a button. It braids, twists, French braids, French twists, updo`s, half up half down and ponytails,. It would take you one minute to do your hair in the morning instead of thirty minutes. it`s quick and easy instead of long and hard. You can also decorate your hair. You can dye your any color and you can stamp your hair in different designs. You can also dye your whole hair or half your of hair. You can also put jewels in your hair. If you`re going to a party you can do anything to your hair that is decretive to stylish to formal.

The Hair Doing Machine also cuts, straitens and curls hair. It can cut your hair or trim your hair you can also cut layers or bangs with a push of a button. It can straighten your hair and it won`t take long. It can curl your full length of hair of half length.

Also there is a mini Hair Doing Machine. So if you’re traveling bring the mini around to do your hair on the go.