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The Door to Second Chance : Opportunity Serum

Charmaine T.


There is a place, where the future disregards our assumptions, performing the inexplicable. This future is known as Tomorrow Land. The innovations that fabricate the future soar from our depth of knowledge, creating a better life for everything and everyone. However, there was a miniscule modernization that truly intrigued me. Tiny glass capsules contain serums that have fine tuned the world to come. These vaccines are injected into fugitives and convicts, replacing the act of neurosurgical excisions. The liquid travels through the human veins, automatically attracted to the noggin through a harmless magnetic component. Clicking a nerve in the frontal lobe of the brain, it isolates disorder and any catastrophic thoughts involving criminal-like operations. Metamorphosing shortsighted judgments, it transforms jailbirds into simple beings. The benefits of this simple fluid are greatly influencing the society’s budget. Instead of providing food and shelter to keep captives alive for their sentence duration, they can be freed without any worries of vandalizing the population. Unrestricted from paying the costs of the prisoners’ survival, the government can put the excess money to better uses. The possibilities are endless with the additional contingency, creating a great advantage to those in the future.