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Zachary S.


Can you describe to me, in vivid detail, your dream last night? Can you show me exactly how it looked and how it felt? Dreams. Dreams lay the foundation of Disney and many other corporations. These companies are a mere demonstration of the minds capability. The power of the imagination is truly limitless. How much further can the human mind advance our civilization? The answer, limitless.

Imagine if we had the ability to harness this super power. I propose a device that can be worn on your head, like a cap. This device would be completely wireless, and it would connect to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, etc. It would allow you to re-experience the dreams you had that night, or any night you wore the cap, on virtually any device. You would be able to save, share, or delete your experiences.

Now you can do more than explain to me your dream(s) last night, I can experience what you felt. The world has always been limitless, all this does is speed things up.