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Laura P.


The dreamers pillow is a pillow that has ear buds connected to it. To use it you put the ear buds in your ear (of course) before you go to sleep. When you wake up you press a button on the pillow to watch your dream. There is a projector installed inside the pillow that you can turn on to watch your dream. But there is also a gallery where you can save some dreams that you may or may not like. The ear pieces record the signals your brain emits and saves them into the machine inside until you press the button on the pillow, then you can watch your dream until you command it “STOP”. When you press the special button it has for the gallery it will allow the person to choose where the dream gets stored.

The impact The Dreamers Pillow has on the world is that it helps people learn more about themselves, it helps make everyone more creative, and it will let us know what we want.