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The E-Lift

Sohini P.


The e-lift is an extraordinary invention from the future that I have created and turned into a masterpiece. It is a classic drone, but it carries people as the new form of transportation.In the future this invention is the latest craze used by many, especially of those who live in areas with quite tall buildings, everywhere. While now we have cars in the future we have the e-lift. The e-lift runs on electricity and it comes with a charger that you plug into the back. The e-lift has an interesting voice activated system, you state your destination and then it carries you there. The e-lift is not only unique, in the future there is less pollution because everyone is using it. As well as that, the e-lift helps people get around much easier because there is much more space in the sky so there isn’t any traffic. The e-lift not only helps people, it helps the environment.