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Afeefah S.


I am a time traveler. Now, I live in the present. This is the future of the past, and the past of the future. The year is 2075, and I am writing this in hopes that the people of the past may receive this. This is my message to you: Set your priorities straight! Before you expand further, complete what you have started. 30 years ago, I invented the world’s most important product. I call it the “Ejecting Gyroscopic Seat,” or the EGS. Everyone uses it, and the impressive result is the achievement of the 0 deaths per decade global goal. I remember now back to the past, or your present, when such a thing was never heard of. It was an unattainable dream. Yet, I have achieved it. I wish I could have done it sooner, to save more lives. I care not about the credit, but the safety of the human race. Let me describe my invention to you, perhaps you can build it yourself. Perhaps you can invent it before I do, and save even more than I have. Yes, what a splendid idea! Read carefully now, pay close attention! The seat is automatically ejected once an abnormality is detected. Then, a double casing surrounds the seat, with a spacing of a foot between the two cases. Between this double casing would be a gyroscopic device. This seat has a special design, where the base of the outer casing would be made out of the popular sorbothane material. The air trapped within the EGS itself also allows the seat to float. The seat also has two parachutes. We use the EGS in our flying cars, helioships, and glassbubble submersibles. The EGS was necessary to invent these. Go now, you can invent the future!