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The Electro-Cube

Jeremy H.


A stream of air shoots out of a jetpack as it soars through the air, circling the skyscrapers that reflect the skies. The streets are paved with sleek quartz next to plots of beautiful flowers and giant oak trees. In the future, a device called The Electro-Cube powers the bright, beautiful, clean cities. About half the size of your thumb, this lightweight, portable device can be attached to many items such as glasses, phones, shoes, watches, jewelry, etc. The Electro-Cube converts friction and movement into electricity. At the end of the day, all you have to do is place the device inside a sleek, silver diamond portal that sucks the energy that the Electro-Cube gathered. The portal then powers houses, cars, jetpacks and more with electricity. The Electro-Cube can also be attached on the side of a bike pedal, as there is plenty of kinetic energy to convert into electricity when you ride a bike. Batteries are no longer needed—just shake the item to power up. Because of the Electro-Cube, fossil fuels or nuclear power are not used for electricity, so there is less pollution and radioactive waste in the environment. Though it may be expensive to invest in at first, the Electro-Cube will ultimately save millions of dollars in places that range all throughout the socio-economic scale, because people can go about their daily lives while powering their cities. The Electro-Cube is one of the most revolutionary products of its time.