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The electronic door

Emily G.


An invention from the future for schools would be a door you could program like a computer. It could talk to you or open on its own as students are leaving. It could say things like have a nice day or to stay out of trouble. It could learn the names of the students and recognize them by face. It could help the teacher discipline the students. It can have any design or color you want but it would originally be black. All of the parts and software would be inside the door including memory chips to hold all the information it needs. It would have its own power source as well but just in case it won’t work there is door handles both inside and outside. It has an alarm to remind it to charge itself but only it will be able to know it went off so it won’t disturb students. The charger is a little silver rectangle towards the top of the door in the corner but it will only charge if needed. during emergencies it will lock itself so it can’t be opened but just in case a thief or someone gets into a classroom it can notify the police and lock the intruder inside.