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The Emergency Drone

Jared B.


On my trip to the future I witnessed a building fire and saw the emergency equipment of the future. One amazing gadget that assisted in the fire was the emergency drone. This quad copter drone was equipped with a camera and could fly itself to the scene of a fire and arrive before any fireman would. Once it got to the fire it would do a complete survey around the entire building, tracking where smoke was coming out, the best place to park, and where the nearest fire hydrants were (if needed). The information would be sent to a fireman where he could watch a live feed of the video and examine the scene before he ever arrived. Watching the scene of a fire before fireman arrived allowed false alarms to be found quicker. The drone was extremely helpful with tall building fires because it could see exactly where the water was needed to put the fires out. The emergency drone was also capable of changing traffic lights to allow the fire truck to get to the scene faster. Today we already have self flying drones and all we need to do is equip them with cameras and develop a program that can detect fire and smoke and connect to traffic light systems. This new technology would save hundreds of people and allow the fireman to put the fire out faster.