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The Energy Renaissance

Eillen M.


I sat paralyzed in anticipation within a time capsule as the compartment was flooded in green light, signaling that I had reached my destination-the future. I inhaled deeply as I reached to press the button that would open the doors to the world outside. The doors slid open and saw it. The sky. Illuminated by a blanket of the most radiant stars I had ever seen. I took a breath and immediately sensed the purity of the air; breathing had never felt so rejuvenating! A large electronic screen at the end of the street caught my eyes. It read: "Earth Runs on Piezoelectric." I was soon to discover that Piezoelectricity is what pulled the human race away from its current path to extinction. Piezoelectricity-the energy source of the future-is a clean, sustainable, renewable energy source. Thin, tile-like panels are used to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy. In the future, these panels underlie every road and sidewalk. When people walk, run, drive, or perform any sort of physical activity over them, the kinetic energy is absorbed by the panels and converted into electricity which can be wirelessly transmitted to power entire buildings, or can be directed to underground storage units to be accessed as electrical fuel for cars and home appliances. Energy is all around us, and in the future, we've found a way to effectively harness it. Lung disease is practically unheard of. Air quality is no longer toxic. Global warming is a mere myth. The panels are installed in every country in the world- giving them access to electricity, and improving life as we know it.