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The Eye Chip

Dorothy P.


Dear People of 2015,

You may not believe me when I tell you this but, I am a time traveler from 50 years in the future. In the future we all have these little black specks in our eyes that protect you from eye problems. This invention is the EyeChip. The EyeChip is a way to treat eye problems before they become a problem.

The EyeChip is a microscopic robot that is implanted into a person’s eye when they are born. The chip will rest just under the cornea, on the lens. It will sense if a person needs glasses, and the robot will bend the eye into just the right shape to correct the vision. This bot can also perform some small scale laser eye surgeries, if the patient has their eye held open, but important ones still need to be done in a hospital.

We know that eyesight is very important in education, as bad eyesight is the #1 cause of bad grades. Also corrected vision helps people be the best version of them they can be. This chip is the gateway to fixing many problems like vision and education and it has made billions of people productive citizens. Please work with eye doctors and nanorobotic scientists to start creating this product now so it can help people as soon as possible.

Good luck. See you (clearly) in the future!