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The Fabulous Future

Isis J.


On June 1st, Mack was so excited because her friend, Kathy was returning from the future."I love the future! To celebrate, let's get some frozen yogurt."

The girls went to a building that looked like a frozen yogurt store, but it was actually Kathy's time machine.

Kathy screamed as the time machine shook. "Can you tell me the story?" asked Mack. She was eager to learn about the future.

Kathy said, "They invented flying cars! Don't ask me how they work. Ask him!"

The time machine stopped and the door flung open. Before them was Jacob Krill, the inventor of flying cars.

"Hi, I'm Jacob. I'll explain flying cars," he said."Tell us!" the girls said.

Jacob explained it.
"There's a gear near the gas pedal. You pull it and the wires connect to the engine. There's a titanium shield that protects you from fire when your car flies into the air.

"Wow! That's super cool!" said Mack.

Jacob continued. "It has a huge impact on the future! People enjoy life from a bird's perspective. It's better because there is less traffic in the air. You have fun getting to your destination. My hard work's paid off."

Mack's face lit up from her idea. "I'm going to fast-track this creation. I'll spread the word about flying cars. I'll tell everyone. I'll teach everyone how to connect wires in a car. I'll be rich!" she screamed.

Later that day, Jacob took the girls home. What a day they had.