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The Flying Jet Car

Lydia J.


I have just come back from the future and I have a really amazing thing for you. While I was there, of course I needed a vehicle to get around in so I went to the vehicle shop and it was amazing. It was the largest shop in the whole world. The vehicle that I picked was a flying jet car that was shaped like a jeep but instead of wheels there were wings. This is how it worked. There was an engine, and when you pushed a button a blade would start spinning and would go 200 miles per hour until the engine would start. And then a cord would take some of the energy to the wings and then to the drivers wheel. So I got in and tried it out. It was totally awesome. As I flew over the land I could see everything. There were all of the shops of course and such beautiful lakes. All of them were clean and blue. Now back to the flying jet car. It was so easy to steer. And it was very fast but not the kind of fast that would make you sick. It was easy to not get stuck in traffic up in the air. I think that we could save millions of lives with this vehicle because we could get to hospitals way faster.