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The Flying World

Pedro L.


In 2020 a machine is invented that allows us to see the future.I was one of the first to use this new machine to see the future and what i saw was incredible.Every were that you looked you saw flying cars,buses,and even trucks and in the sea there were these mega cities that hover above the water.And the machine that makes these stuff possible is the MPM (magnet pulse manipulation).The MPM is the size of a basketball, its round and made out metal and its core is made of magnets.The MPM use the physics of magnets poles attracting each other and pushing each other apart to help make stuff like cars hover ,plus it also use small turbines to move the cars.It works like these, think about Earth as positive and the MPM negative.The MPM will use electricity to make its self positive, so it could hover.The more power you put into it, the hire up the stuff hovers.The MPM helps people in the future transport materials father and to impossible places, because it hover it dosnt need to be on a road to get places.These helps preserve the trees, because they don't need roads for these vehicles, trees don't have to be knocked down for roads to be build there.The same thing with the cities, they can build them above the oceans, so the forests can be persevered as the population keeps growing.The best thing i saw the MPM do is make highways float in the air, making possible to connect New York City with London and L.A. with Tokyo.Thesis is one technology that i saw in the future that i think makes a great differences in the life of people in the future.