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The Fully Automatic Trash Can

Shahab B.


Have you ever thought of what we can do to reduce or even completely have no landfills? It is an invention that will blow your mind. It is a trash can that recycles the trash depending on what you put in and it works like a microwave system. It uses heat waves to separate the moisture from the trash and makes the water evaporate, it uses the two substances for different uses. For example if you through away your banana peel in this trash can it will separate the moisture from the banana peel and stores that water in a small underground tank. When the tank is full it automatically sends the water out in the dirt to water the plants from inside the ground. The banana peel will turn into soil for the plants. This trash can, can also recycle paper goods and bottles right in your house. For instance if you through away your paper towel and later you through away your water bottle it can use both elements to create anything you want. It uses the same method by sending heat waves, but it will heat it up enough that it will melt material so it can convert to whatever you want. This product can also reuse plastic by melting the object and making a new one.It also uses the same method. It is small enough to fit inside the house, and it also uses solar panels to power it, so no AC electricity needed.