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The Future Is Simple: Transportation

Justin V.


The year is 2075. Communication and transportation are at an all-time high. The Flash Way, a brand new freeway type system specifically designed for automobiles, is the creator of this new era. Tired of waiting in the infamous Los Angles traffic? The Flash Way is the cure. Because traffic is the result of failed transportation, the Flash Way will fix the freeway system across the globe to minimize the duration of travel.
Think of the typical United States freeway—long lines of cars, several accidents, and lots of angry and impatient drivers. The Flash Way will reduce the common connotations of the freeway through its ultra fast system. The Flash Way consists of two indented tracks, similar to a railroad but wider, with little trays that clamp onto tires. Once the automobile is locked into the track, the Flash Way will launch riders from 0 to 100 miles per hour in 10 seconds through a multi-serving hydraulic launch. Then, while gliding at unforeseen rates, the Flash Way will admit the car onto a separate track that leads onto the freeway exit that was already chosen via a touch screen before the launch. The Flash Way will then dismiss the car off the track at 0 miles per hour, and the car is then free to manual driving.
With around 1.2 million roadside injuries in the world yearly, the Flash Way will significantly decrease the mortality rates upon highway drivers. To take action now, the Flash Way track system must be pre-designed and pre-built per freeway so that layout of the track will occur rapidly; overall, now is the time to access the future with the Flash Way.