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The Future of Death

Jarrod L.


Wow, I just got back from the future and it was amazing. The neatest thing about the future is how everyone lives forever. In order to live forever everyone in the futures uses a system call I.B.C.S. or Independent Brain Controlling System. This system works by removing the brain and putting into a specialized box called the brain box. The brain box acts as the home for the brain and keeps the brain alive. The brain box also monitors the brain for any cancers of diseases so they can easily be removed before they become a problem. After the brain is in the brain box Electrodes are connected to all the nerve endings and sent into a computer that communicates with the body. After that a communication chip is implanted at the top of the spinal cord in the body. The connection between the brain and the body is maintained by the global wifi network that covers the entire planet. If anything happens to the body a new body can be made by making a clone and implanted a new communication chip into the top of the spinal cord. This makes me excited for the future, almost every disease and cancer will be eradicated because If your body dies, you could just get a new one. Humanity needs to put more research into cloning and neurology. By having this product unlimited amounts of lives could be saved and death will have lost it’s sting.