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The Future of Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals

Katherine K.


The ambulance could fly similarly to a jet plane, but without the dangerous speeds. The ambulance would run on a robotic, self-driving program to only go to the scene of the incident and the hospital. The ambulance would go from fifty to five hundred miles per hour depending on the situation. For example, a broken leg being fifty and a car accident where the patient is going to die in fifteen minutes being five hundred. It would fly above the roads silently to keep from distracting drivers. It would run on solar energy or the waste product of various animals including, cow, horse, dog, and human. The outside would look like your average bus, but hold up to at least eight people at a time. The inside of the vehicle would look like the ICU of a hospital, equipped with the same supplies, medicine, and equipment as the pharmacy and Intensive Care Unit. This vehicle could save thousands of lives.
The future of doctors and nurses would be handed to robots to make sure everything is just fine, being programmed to always do as the medical text books say yet still knowing if sometimes the pain is just too great to continue. The robots would scan you for your entire medical history, allergies, blood type, age, and birthday so they know what will and won’t hurt you. The machines could also tell your family history and members as well as find out your friends, and family to alert them of where you are and current medical state by sending out an email, text message, and call. These robots would look like normal human beings to help calm people down and have calm, soothing voices.