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The Future of Early Warning Technology

Patrick G.


What is the one thing that volcanoes and earthquakes all have in common? Pressure. When I visited TomorrowLand I immediately wondered how our future selves handled natural disasters such as the ones in Nepal, and Haiti, since they were the hot topics of my time. Instead of unexpected earth tremors and catastrophic eruptions, the news and spotlight was on the new pressure monitor that gave a country on a fault time to evacuate. This technology warns a nation’s officials an hour before the events happen. I was amazed, this truly was an astounding idea. The concept of how it worked kept tugging at my mind, I gave in. In hours of research and reading articles of its properties, I have come back with this information. Before an earthquake or volcano erupts, there is a large build in pressure. These devices, which are strategically placed deep within the ground at faults, subduction zones, or volcano sides and take constant readings of pressure and compare them with the normal amount for that depth/area. They send information to a special software in a lab on the surface, for a scientist to make sure everything is working. If the scientist sees a gradual increase in building pressure he can alert the correct individuals to get everyone to safety in that area. It will be made of a super strong, durable, and form keeping material in the shape of a cube, with a sensitive manometer inside. Something like this could save nations countless lives.