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The Future of Electricity

Cayde S.


Hello people of the past, I am contacting you from the future. I am here to inform you about the new and powerful way that the future gets energy, it is called electricity plates. Earthquakes happen when two tectonic plates hit each other at a fault line releasing giant amounts of static electricity. Electricity plates harness that energy. Scientists, with help of sponsors, discovered that if they put giant sheets of metal within the fault line, the sheets absorb the static electricity from the tectonic plates and transfer it to an electricity silo on the surface. From the electricity silo the energy will be transferred to various locations around the world. Since there are fault lines everywhere, the worldwide energy problem has been solved. It also made earthquakes non-existent saving countries billions of dollars and stopped the old method of burning coal releasing carbon dioxide that ruins the atmosphere. This earth friendly alternative creates more electricity than we need, allowing people to create more things that use electricity. In conclusion electricity plates provide tons of electricity, save the atmosphere, stop earthquakes, and prevent many deaths each year.