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The Future of Personal Management

Andrew M.


I have traveled into the future and the glimpse I got of it was stunning. Although I wondered what almost everyone had on their wrist. I asked someone that was walking by me. They replied that it was a device that measured all of your body’s statistics like heart rate, blood count, sleep cycle, and other body functions. They explained that this device can detect any fluctuations in your body and if these fluctuations vary too greatly from normal standards for your body it can administer help. This device can help in many ways. For example if a diabetic person is in need of more glucose to prevent fainting or other serious issues, it can give them that glucose. This device also can call for help without the wearer doing anything. This can help in a situation where the user is incapacitated or can not speak to get help. This device is also able to replenish your hunger and thirst when you are in need of it. Not only does this device aid in your health but it also serves as a watch that you can do everything from calling and messaging someone, to researching for a school project. There seemed to be no limitations, and infinite possibilities for the future of personal management with this small device. This small device was one of the only things I had time to see while I visited Tomorrowland, and I can not wait for Tomorrowland’s technology to become today's technology.