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The Gift of Life

Katie K.


The future of the world will rely on this machine which can find cancer and other deadly diseases and remove them. This machine will be called the Gift of Life because it eradicates deadly diseases, like Ebola and typhus. The Gift of Life will go into the body and quickly remove the problem. This will only take minutes and the patient will feel no pain. The Gift of Life is a small teal 3-D octagon that fits in the palm of your hand and has very tiny arms that reach into the body and take the disease with it when it leaves. This will help the people of Tomorrowland because it will ensure that no person gets sick and dies. Today, in the present, we have so many people who die of deadly diseases like cholera, Ebola, and cancer. This past year alone, 7.6 million people died of cancer and 3 million have died of typhus. The Gift of Life will make sure that no family ever again loses someone dear to their heart from disease. The Gift of Life will make sick people happier and feel safer about being sick. With this machine, people will stop worrying and live life to the fullest. The Gift of Life won't be able to make someone live forever, but that's all right. As humans, we need to learn that we won't live forever, and remember to thank God for every day we have. With the Gift of Life, we will give other people the chance of life that maybe they couldn't have had before. The Gift of Life will let everyone have a chance to become something great. Everyone deserves a chance to live without disease.