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The Girl Who Did The Impossible

Karen L.


After the unusual incident of a teenage girl’s disappearance, the situation has finally been resolved when she returns from her long absence. The girl claims that she traveled to a world called “Tomorrowland”. She describes “Tomorrowland” to be our planet in the future and has volunteered to share her knowledge for an interview. As a condition for agreeing to be interviewed, we accept her desire to remain anonymous. The teenager was accompanied by a man when she entered this world. She states, “There was everything a futuristic planet could have”, yet there was one innovation that caught her eye.
“Out of everything I saw in that world this innovation sparked my interest,”she states. Software engineers and industrial engineers solved the troubles of traffic and preventing accidents in work zone. The teenager said, “Officials direct traffic or work zones on an electronic device that displays a navigation system similar to ones in a car.” The software allows officials to control groups of vehicles or each vehicle. Drivers are notified that their car is approaching traffic or work zone and will be operated until their vehicle is absent of the area. Industrial engineers worked on building a vehicle that could respond to the software’s commands and run smoothly under the driver’s and official’s control.
We asked her how it’s possible to make this invention a reality. “I met the creators and they said by having an interest in engineering, can make a better tomorrow.” “It all starts with one big idea.”