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The H.A.W.

Alexander J.


About a week ago, someone from Tomorrowland took my class on an amazing field trip to the future. We saw many things that could help our world but one specific thing stood out to me, literally! While I was walking around, I tripped on a small curb and scraped myself up pretty bad. The next thing I knew, huge machines came out of the ground, cleaned up my wounds and by the time they were back underground, you couldn't even tell I had fallen. I know you probably wanted me to talk about virtual reality and flying cars, but this machine, called H.A.W. (Heal Any Where) really makes a difference. Think about it, it would be like having hospitals everywhere you walk, eat, and sleep. If you had a very unexpected injury, or if someone tried to harm another, they would be stopped and the other person would be healed. They scan from underground, waiting for someone some one to be injured. They have about 500 H.A.W.s per city. Since they heal so fast and travel very quickly underground, that’s all a city needs to stay safe. Once our technology has advanced enough, making these is as simple as making a hamburger. This is what Tomorrowland has shown me, and I hope it will soon show the world!