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The H

Megan U.


As I walked through the streets of Tomorrowland, all around me, the people of this innovative society were holding the latest technology in the palms of their hands. This device, known as “The H”, The Healer, left the medical community astounded. It contained the genetic information specific to the owner of the device, creating special stem cells that would be used to heal wounds and cuts in mere seconds or minutes, depending on the severity of the cut. Its flexible material allows it to heal any part of the body-toes, fingers, arms or faces. When placed over the cut, it would clean the wound and then begin healing with the use of stem cells- all in a painless process. Hospitals contained larger and more advanced versions of this device. Some were for healing internal organs, bones, or muscles, and others could regenerate an entire limb. The advanced Healer devices simply needed the patient’s portable device to be connected, transferring the genetic information. Doctors would then select the types of cells that were needed by the patient and then the healing process would begin. Injured athletes were able to quickly rebound back into the sport that they loved. Doctors were able to provide better services and save more lives each day. Regular people and those who served in the military with serious injuries or lost limbs were able to completely heal. Cuts were less exposed and bacteria couldn’t enter the body as easily, lessening the number of illnesses. The H tremendously improved people’s lives, changing the dynamics of the medical community, as well as life as we knew it.