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The Health of the Future

Diya I.


Hello Past! This is Diya from the Future! And, I’m here to tell you I’ve improved world health.

Yep! All you need is the Happy Healther (HH). The Happy Healther is a chip that gets inserted into your body and sends all your health info to the HH app on your phone. It can send your pulse, heart rate and if any damage happens to your body. If you or someone else (like your grandma or your pet) needs immediate medical attention, your phone will flash red and give a tone. Next, you just need to press the transport button and a special CapAmbulance would come. Have you heard about the CapAmbulance? It is an ambulance that looks like a capsule. Inside there is a robot nurse that would comfort the patient while they fly to the hospital.

Now you know that you just need to follow these 4 steps:
1. Get your HH chip
2. Download the free app
3. Get your alert
4. Click transport

World health just got easier at your fingertips with the Happy Healther.

Diya and the Future, OUT!