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The Holographic Globe

Madalynn H.


Hi there! I just came back from the future to tell you about an amazing new invention. It's called the Holographic Globe, and it had a huge impact on the world. It's basically the newest transportation device that you won't get stuck in traffic with, and you won't have to by expensive tickets like you do to board a plane. The Holographic Globe [or H.G. for short] has different features including; language, pictures, documents, and the history of the place you would like to visit. The H.G. also has a special feature where if you see a place you would like to visit, you just press a button and it'll take you there instantly! The H.G. basically connects to all internet sources so no matter where you are, or which internet source you're connected to, you can always count on the H.G. to take you to the place, or time period you would like to visit. Well I'd better get back to the future to find some other neat inventions. Bye!