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The House of the Future: FAHS

Nathan S.


In 2015 mankind was just harnessing the ability of home automation. Today in 2050, I am proud to announce the FAHS (Full Automation House System). Using the ability of encrypted IR technology, hidden sensors, and universal appliances, we have gained the ability to relax in our own homes, and just live life easier. When you enter your home your FAHS will access a microchip painlessly implanted in your wrist. FAHS will greet you in its friendly human-like voice. The micro chip monitors your vitals, and will alert you if medical attention is ever needed. Using universal appliances the system can access everything from your coffee maker to the refrigerator. This allows you to just ask your system for a cup of coffee, and by the time you get to the coffee maker you will have a nice cup of coffee ready for your enjoyment. The FAHS can also make sure your house runs efficiently, an example is if you used the sink and forgot to turn it off, the system will notice no one is using the sink, and it shuts it off. As you go on with your day in your home, you may want to catch up on the news, or watch a movie. You don’t even have to lift a finger, projectors strategically placed around your house will project any information or video you request for with voice control. That is just some of the amazing features that FAHS has to offer. The future is now!