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The Human systematic scanner

Dustin H.


When I went to the future, I saw things I never thought I'd see. But one thing that stood out, was a scanner I saw in a hospital. Turns out, the thing was called a human systematic scanner. When I asked a nurse, she told me how it worked. A person lays down under a scanner which, when activated, will scan every organ system in the persons body, searching for harmful bacteria, viruses, and diseases that may be inside the person's body. This allows the doctors to terminate the pathogen before any harm can be done to the person. The termination is done with lasers that are built in to the scanner. The lasers cannot harm the person in any way. Also, if any unknown diseases or bacteria are found during the scan it will alert the doctors and analyze it so that it can be known for future cases. One way to start making something like this in modern times is to remove the radiation from x-rays and make them show all organs instead of just bones. This can be used for so much, such as using it to find diseases previously thought to be undetectable or finding new weaknesses to strong diseases. In conclusion, my visit to the future showed me that stuff like this is possible and can be created with our minds and imaginations. We just have to believe that we can do this. The only thing stopping us, is deciding to do it today, or Tomorrow.