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The Humanity Quantum Fusion Machine (HQFM)

Meira B.


Here in Tomorrowland there are many inventions. Flying cars, robots, etc. I have found that all of these inventions, yet useful, do not solve humanity’s largest problems: war, resources running out and over population. The citizens of Tomorrowland have figured out how to manipulate human existence so that they live at different times and in different places. As a result, wars don't happen, people aren’t running out of resources, and there isn't overpopulation. Life happens as it would happen in 3015, but it could be VERY different too . . .

When I realized that this invention actually exists in 3015, I knew I had to report back to you in 2015! It's called the Humanity Quantum Fusion Machine (Or HQFM ). Here’s how it works: you don’t get to choose where you’re born, or “when” you’re born... When two human beings conceive a new human being they have a choice: if they want the child, they get into the HQFM and travel to an alternate universe; if they don't want the child, they can give birth in 3015 and the child is given to a person who wants a child but cannot biologically give birth. Since there still have to be people in 3015, some people who want but can't biologically have a baby go to an alternate universe and some stay in 3015 keeping population there at a manageable number and ruling out orphanages and foster care. Therefore, resources are plentiful for the number of people occupying each time and place.