imagine a place where nothing is impossible.

create tomorrowland


The humanoid robot that can do anything.

George H.


This amazing robot is what America has been waiting for all it's life. With it's extension's it will put it's power to it's hand's and a little bit of power to it's feet to lift a amazing thing.And it could probably help a elderly people because they can't do a lot of stuff by their self and they would like to have company so they are not sad.Or it can protect the president from getting harmed because it has a bullet proof body.And this robot can fight in wars to protect this nation from harm.Even this robot can stop terrorism from happening (you might need more than one robot for that to happen).It could help create cures for ebola and cancer and help animals.And can build cars that are vary hard to build.Like a car that takes like a year to build and make it like 2-6 months.And the thing's it would have in it's body wold be made of these parts.The body is made out of titanium and it is inside of the titanium is a strong soft material so say you give him a hug you won't hurt it will just feel soft. The eyes are cameras.And that is my human like robot.:)