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The HyperWatch

Dave O.


For centuries, humans have been developing amazing ways to travel, but if you think travel in 2015 is advanced, wait until you see what they use in Tomorrowland!

During my trip to Tomorrowland, I started to notice that nearly everyone had identical watches on. The wearers would close their eyes and suddenly disappear! I learned that the watches were called HyperWatches, and they could take you anywhere you wanted within twenty miles of your location. To use one, you simply imagine where you want to be. The watch receives neural signals from your brain, which get converted into images, and then the images into a destination. HyperWatches are filled with locations for nearly every destination in the world. When it receives an image, it immediately searches the database and finds it in seconds

The HyperWatch breaks down your body into subatomic particles, stores these particles within itself, and then it travels to your destination. After you arrive, it “rebuilds” your body matching all physical features and genetic coding within you, so you’ll be in your physical body again. HyperWatches download and store all your memories in a database, so if some kind of memory loss problem happens while traveling, it has them stored and will transmit them back into your brain. The HyperWatch always makes copies of your memories before you travel somewhere. If you don’t experience problems, the memories get deleted.

Humans have always had amazing imaginations, and the inventors of tomorrow are using them!