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”The Identify You”

Clarisa G.


Clarisa Garcia, Engineering Technologist
Year of 2065
In a number of years I believe technology will be much more advanced than it is today. As an engineering technologist it is very common to look at all the technology in our modern day.
The “The Identify You”, Is a spinning propeller with a stick to hold on too; when you put it up to the face you press a button that the innovation comes with. Once you press it a hologram pops up. The person’s information will appear on the hologram; age, name, male/female, true identity, medical records, and if they are hiding anything that is illegal.
I feel like it is important because, we could find out much more about a person than just a pass-it-port. It could help many places like airports, police stations, legal services, Immigration offices and many other jobs.
The “Identify you” is structured by a metal stick with three propellers that are yellow. On each yellow propeller there is a black top that gets the information. With the innovation comes a square with a button on it, which turns on the hologram. Only the person right in front of it can see the information.
People of 2015 can make this innovation happen in the near future by starting to make holograms.
The “identify you” will help those with authority and could potentially be used in the near future. It would become a success!