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The Imagination Creation

Kailie M.


As you know, Disney is all about Imagination, but as I get older the realization that slowly my imagination is fading is becoming clearer everyday. The invention I have thought of came to mind as soon as I started brainstorming. This is definitely something I wish I had right now; I call it, The Imagination Creation.
As a writer, my imagination hasn't left me as much as some of my fellow peer's has, but I still long for the days when I could actually see the lava below me as I jump from couch to couch yearning to save my imaginary friend. Now, I see nothing but the hard wood flooring that was placed years ago, with that, The Imagination Creation is born.
The Imagination Creation is a headband. A headband full of creativity. When any one person puts on this invention, anything they imagine will appear around them. Say a young (or older, inventors can use this when picturing inventions) boy wants to become a famous dragon slayer and he pretends all the time. Once he puts on this headband, a dragon will appear in front of him, a terrified princess in the background. He fights the dragon and leaps into the arms of the cheering fans all within the safe boundaries of his yard.
And what you may be thinking is, "What about injury?" or "What about with friends?" Well, injury is impossible in the mind. You simply cannot feel the fire of a dragon or the sword of an opponent, and with friends, anything you imagine comes true. Kids play pretend together all the time, so once the headband is on, everything imagined comes true. They see each and everyone they wish to see