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The Indestructible Car

Sarah T.


My invention is one that will save lives and make life easier. It’s The Indestructible Car. It’s made entirely from Graphene. Graphene is 100x stronger than Steel, even with the same thickness. It’s also rust resistant, so car repairs are dramatically decreased. Since this metal is practically indestructible, when an accident occurs, the car won't be damaged.
This car has a track-able chip placed inside, set in a way that if taken out or damaged the car won't work. This will help when a family member doesn’t come home on time, you'll know where they're at and you can send help as needed. This will also help with police investigations; such as amber alerts and other crimes. If a child goes missing all you need is the license plate number and you can track the car immediately. This will solve many investigations as soon as possible, saving the lives of many.
The car also has a facial recognition program, only allowing the owner of the vehicle and other approved members enter the car. This will prevent carjacking and other related crimes.
Included in this car is the emergency safe stop, this stops the car safely and fast as needed. If you are unable to stop your car immediately in a threatening situation, it will stop for you saving the lives of yourself and others. All while preventing unsafe driving.
As you can clearly see this car will have a positive impact on the world, saving lives and solving problems.