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The ISBN of the Future

Theodore L.


The ISBN, or the barcode, is common-place in today's world. But in the future, it doesn't exist! While at Tomorrowland, I got hungry, and decided to grab something to bite. When I arrived at the store, there were no lines, even though there were tons of people. I asked one of the robots working there about this, and it told me that computer-chips are in the wrappers of the food, and as you exit the store scanners scan the chips and your credit card. The chips are one time use only, it continued to explain, and will disintegrate the wrapper once the food is removed. This eliminates long lines and limits the amount of litter on the street. I thanked it for this information, and asked if there was a way to pay in cash. He directed me to an ATM, which instead of giving money, took my cash and gave me a re-loadable credit card. I thanked the robot, filled up my backpack with food, and walked out of the store. I was glad there were no lines, because I was starving, and dug into the food I bought immediately. When I got back home to the present, I learned it's not a good idea to eat chili and ice cream together.