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The Kingdoms Keeper

Jocelyn B.


Looking back, it all began in 2015. The Earth was in a great decline. Habitat destruction and poachers made it hard for animals. For example, only 1,500 fully grown African Painted dogs and five Northern White Rhinos were left. Even monarch butterflies faced the endangered species list. If this continued, there would be no more tomorrow.

Children had a dream and that’s the start. The children of 2015 realized they needed to step up for their Earth. Turning to the engineering design cycle they learned at school, the children asked questions about how they could help. They brainstormed, imagining the best design. Then they planned by drawing diagrams and gathering materials. The children followed the plan to create it. Finally, they kept improving and improving. When they finished they created the Kingdoms Keeper, a machine that preserved all kingdoms of life and their habitats. It ensured the Earth had a future.

As a child of Tomorrowland, I thank the children of 2015 for the Kingdoms Keeper. I know all animals are safe from habitat destruction and poachers. The Kingdoms Keeper kept the Earth nice and in balance. Painted Dogs stand guard over Northern White Rhino herds. Monarchs made a big comeback too. The Earth is in harmony. By protecting their today the children ensured there will be a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day!