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The Life Orb

Jose C.


In my visit to the future, I witnessed a multitude of different inventions that have helped future civilizations. The one that intrigued me the most was the Life Orb. Rising levels of harmful gases, such as CO2, inspired scientists to create a device that would be able to extract them from the atmosphere and release purified air.
The Life Orb hovers at about 3,000 feet in the air and spins rapidly, creating a vortex that draws in all contaminated air. Once inside the Orb, the harmful gases are broken down to their base atomic form and restructured allowing the now purified air to return to the atmosphere. These new molecules can then be used to help all matter of plant life. The molecules, released in the form of a spray, shorten the time needed for plants to mature, while making them stronger and more durable allowing them to withstand threats such as extreme weather or pests.
This device was eventually used by farmers to shorten the time between harvests and minimize the threat of crops failing. With the continued employment of the Life Orb, third world countries gained the ability to feed their populations and lead to the end of world hunger.
We can make this far distant future a reality sooner by encouraging research in the fields of biochemical, molecular, mechanical, and Nano engineering. Encouraging scientists and inventors to make progress towards the construction of the Life Orb might make the vision of tomorrow the reality of today.