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The Magicianess

Molly R.


I was in a room with my parents. We were going up and they started to talk about some Magicianess. We reached a floor were I stepped out leaving my parents behind.
A kind looking lady appeared on a couch and told me to sit down. I sat down and she started to talk about a big light gray tube that I hadn't noticed earlier.
"This machine is were the magic happens. How it works is it takes a sample of your blood then it twists the DNA. Then it puts the blood back into your body were those blood cells can maintain control for 11 years," She said.
"Does it have any effect on the world?" I asked.
"It does have a peace effect on the world because if you get jealous can normally get rid of the jealousness with your power," She said.
"I guess I am ready," I sighed.
She walked away and motioned for me to follow her. I chose to get the power to make anything I want out of something else. She had me lay down on a comfortable bed. She rolled me into the tube and I fell asleep.