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The mindreader of 2056

Audrey G.


May 17, 2056

Dear Fellow Scientists,

I don’t know if this letter will reach you before my return to the year 2015. Here is an update of my trip.

When I reached the future, I found myself standing in the middle of a vast, empty room. It was only then that I noticed how hungry I was. PIZZA! I thought to myself, thinking of all that delicious pizza we used to get at the lab. I had the sensation that there was someone watching me. So I quickly walked to the nearest window and looked out.

There was a man holding a large pizza box. How did this stranger know that I wanted pizza? Seeing my puzzled expression, the man proceeded to explain that we both wore removable stickers on the left side of our foreheads that enabled us to make calls, send e-mails, place orders, complete transactions, and activate personal items. He informed me that the stickers are able to measure and interpret brainwaves and everyone wears them in 2056. I have heard of a headband that can record brainwaves in 2015, but not interpret them. As he was not a scientist, the man could not fully explain this wonderful device. My search for a current day scientist continues.

He gave me a warning, too: be very careful and clear about what I want, when wearing the sticker.

I will be bringing some stickers back with me so we can investigate them further.