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The Miracle Element

Remington V.


Earth used to be polluted. We produced greenhouse gases, and destroyed the place we call home. Those days are behind us. With the creation of the element Bellisium, we no longer poison our water or cloud our skies with toxins. Bellisium is a perfect mix of metal and silicon, durable and inexpensive. We create machines with it, which we use in everyday life. The best part, though, is that it is also a battery. Due to a special property caused by the combination of other elements, it gives off a unique radiation that powers our devices, and is not harmful to users. With this technology, we have powered machines to clean up the Earth, at a very low cost. We replaced fossil fuels with the energy given off by Bellisium. Humans are in step with the environment, and our planet is poisoned no more. Bellisium is truly a miracle element. That fateful discovery changed the destiny of humankind, and we have a brighter future ahead of us. Bellisium has even allowed us to reach the stars, with ships that are simultaneously built and powered by it. Colonization of other worlds has been made possible by Bellisium. Prosthetic limbs for soldiers and others have been made with this element, and we have homes and cars created from this substance. Without a toxic atmosphere, and with trash being removed from Earth's surface, humankind faces a golden age, all made possible by the discovery of the miracle element: Bellisium.