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The Most Desired Dreams

Ari F.


The average person spends 25 years of their life sleeping. Imagine the amazing tasks that can be accomplished during that period of time. That’s why I have come from the future to show you a breathtaking new technology that will blow your mind and open up a whole new world of adventure.

This technology is called the Dreampill. The premise is simple – the user must take the pill at night before going to bed, and after falling asleep they will enter an entirely new reality. Seemingly awake in their dreams, they can do anything their heart desires. This includes the unbelievable ability to grow wings and fly or solve complicated problems that are too hard to be solved in the real world. The Dreampill provides an unforgettable experience that will have people of all ages and sizes at a loss for words due to their immense joy.

Inside of the Dreampill lies a chemical that turns on the lateral prefrontal cortex, or the part of the brain that makes sense of things. By being able to deal with logic in their sleep, the user will immediately recognize they are in the dream world. After achieving this state, they can accomplish nothing short of their imagination.

The best way to make this idea a reality is by studying dreams and the lateral prefrontal cortex as much as possible. Learn the dreams’ patterns and meanings, and soon the Dreampill’s arrival will be closer than ever.